Dr.Naser Soboh

Dentist Private clinic with 6 employees (3 doctors, a nurse, a cleaning lady, a manager). The clinic is equipped with 2 units for general dentistry, one for surgery and a radiology unit. Program is devided in two shifts (6h /shift). At this moment the number of patients during a shift varies 6 to 10. My responsibilities involves the following: Consultation(clinical/radiological exam), X-ray reading, Treatment plan(we explain the nature of his situation and describe all methods of treatment relating to the pathology) , Periodontal treatments(Marginal periodontitis), Endodontic treatments (Chronic apical periodontitis, dentinal hyper sensitivity), Cosmetic dentistry (Dental pathological deformation, dental pathological pigmentation), Prosthetics (Partially edentulous, total edentulous), Dental restoration (Coronary fracture, cavities, post endodontic treatment ), Minor surgery(Periodontal disease, apical resection, dental implant) and Pediatric dentistry treatments(prevention, cavity treatment, temporary tooth extraction and ortodontical advice). In several occasions i had to supervise and train new employed colleagues (as they were just graduate we tried to provide them information and feedback regarding methods, materials, technical procedures)
Dr. Naser Soboh